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Pets… Yes Pets…

August 31, 2010

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What can pets tell us about relationships?

I remember many years ago reading Gilda Radner’s autobiography about her life and imminent death from cancer. The book was powerful in many ways but one thing has remained with me for a long time. She wrote that when she comes back for her next life she wants to be a dog. Dogs in her opinion are the only creatures who know the definition of unconditional love and we humans have a lot to learn from them. This got me thinking about what our pets can teach us about relationships. (Although I have never had cats because of a serious allergy I am sure the following points are relevant to our feline friends too).

Here’s just a few thought I have on the subject.

What we can learn from our pets in 6 easy steps:

  1. Adoration: Our pets love us no matter how we look. Whether it be a fat day, grey hair in need of dying, bad breath, cranky time or sickness, they always adore us. When was the last time you told your partner how great they look or how much you appreciate them especially when they weren’t at their best?
  2. Time and Attention: Relationships need time and attention. We all know this but how many of us actually do it, take the time to nurture our relationship? Would you ever skip taking your dog for a walk or feeding your cat because you just don’t have the time or you are just too tired? No way. Get the point?
  3. Forgive: Ever yell at your dog because they’ve had an accident even though you were late getting home and it wasn’t even their fault? Sure you have. Guess what? Within minutes both you and your beloved canine have forgotten about it and you’ve made up, hugs and cuddles abound. Why not do the same with your partner? Try this…Forgive quickly and kiss slowly.
  4. Your partner is not you: They are not supposed to be. No two dogs or cats are alike and we understand that. In fact, we like that. Yet we expect our partner to be just like us: same thoughts, values, communication styles and needs. Guess what? They aren’t and never will be so just give up on this one — right now!
  5. We can appreciate and come to value our differences. This is connected to point #4. Here’s a photo of Maureen’s cat and dog. Don’t they look like they can get along despite being different species?
  6. Unconditional Love: Need I say more? Most of us are not good at this and I suggest we just start practicing how to love without reservation. To do this we can look to our 4-legged friends and honour them as our greatest teachers and only then will we have a sense of how to be the best partner we can be.

Dare ya –

Choose one of the previous 6 points and work on it!

Yours Truly,