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There’s gold in them der frustrations!

August 8, 2011

Flickr / D'Arcy Norman

If only we could begin to see frustrations as an opportunity.

If only we could welcome frustrations because they are a gift in disguise!

Every one of our frustrations contains gold. They are a double gift, healing for one and growth for the other.

Long ago, when you first were attracted to your partner, you didn’t realize that you were also hiring them to “push your buttons”.  This is to motivate you into completing your growing up.  So recognize (and maybe even admit it!) that you have hired your partner precisely to guide you on your growth journey.

So, it isn’t fair to hire someone for a job and fire them because they do it.

Remember that frustrations have long tentacles.  Their roots are in our growing up years. They reach into the recesses of our untold stories. Frustrations contain gold, a magical key.

Our frustrations are the key that unlocks the mystery of the past. Frustrations invite new behaviors. Frustrations knock at the door of psyches, saying: “C’mon, it’s time to grow, mature, and evolve.

Dare ya:

Try to identify something that frustrates or irritates you that your partner does and keep it to yourself. Ask YOURSELF some hard questions…. what is it about me that is getting activated when my partner does this? Does this bring up a childhood feeling or memory for me? How can I see this frustration as a gift for my growth instead of being irritated by it??? Do this as an internal process and do not share it with your partner until you have a new learning to share! Have fun.

Yours truly!

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