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A new beginning…I am scared!

April 27, 2014


Guess what?  I and we are about to enter the world of social media! If you are about to pass out right and can’t believe this (given that Maureen and I must be the last people on the planet to join in) I am here to say, I too can change! I never thought I would get to the point when I would do this but if I can change and enter the age of social media, you can change your relationship! And believe me, my task is a whole lot harder!

Here’s what we have in common….. I am committing to learning a new behavior and new way to communicate (which by the way, scares the s____ out of me) and I know you can too. Just for your information, I have never been inspired to enter the new age of mass social media and communication .

I don’t even have Facebook,  let alone Twitter or LinkedIn. It’s just not me! It scares me because I don’t think I can keep it up, don’t think I have much interesting to say in a consistent way, and don’t want the pressure to have to keep having to try so hard at connecting. Sound familiar to your relationship struggles? And just as working to have a better intimate relationship requires courage and commitment,  I need to take a leap of faith that I can succeed at social media! Please be patient while I make mistakes, bore you sometimes and try to find my stride.

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