Anxious in Love



At a recent meeting of Imago therapists, Harville Hendrix, the founder of Imago Relationship therapy, reminded us that most any rupture between a couple can be traced back to anxiety—our fears of being hurt and rejected.

“Anxiety,” he said, “is the greatest enemy faced by couples and learning to regulate  anxiety is very challenging yet crucial to relationship happiness.”

Both Tigers and Turtles can experience a lot of anxiety in relationship – typically one partner tends to carry more anxiety than the other.  Imago therapist Carolyn Daitch’s new book “Anxious in Love: How to manage your anxiety, reduce conflict and  reconnect with your partner” offers practical suggestions on reducing anxiety. She gives suggestions for calming activities to use during time outs and also has written a chapter to help the less anxious partner understand the world of high anxiety Dr Daitch is the director of the Center for Treatment of Anxiety disorders in Michigan. She is also the author of “The Affect Regulation Toolbox” and  “Anxiety disorders: The go to guide for clients and therapists”. Find out more about her work at

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