Feeling sexy eh?


Maybe it is the long dark night of Canadian winters but yet another study has indicated that Canadians have robust sex lives.  Almost 7,000 Canadians answered Canadian Living magazine’s annual sex survey of preferences and practices.

Researchers are not necessarily confident that respondents don’t exaggerate their answers inflating their answers in order to feel good about their sexuality. Nevertheless, the results indicate Canadians are generally satisfied with their sex lives and also embracing new trends in enriching their sexual expression.  Nearly 45 per cent of Canadians said they use technology to enhance their sex lives. 25 per cent sent  sexts;  15 per cent sent erotic photos and 4 per cent sent racy  videos.

And Canadians are eager to try new things to keep the spice in their sexual relationships. Some 58 per cent of respondents said they had tried anal sex;  33 per cent had tried bondage, 24 per cent had tried cyber sex , 30 per cent had tried role playing, 19 per cent had a threesome and 11 per cent had someone else watch their sexual encounter.

Some results aren’t a surprise, such as the fact that on average, men wish to have sex twice as often  as women or that the number one reason for lack of sex is relationship conflict. As one respondent put it, “when I’m mad at him, he’s in the penalty box of no sex!”

When asked where Canadians like to have sex, there were some memorable lines such as “We do it carefully in a canoe like Canadians, eh?” And  some old fashioned advice from an Alberta reader: “don’t try have sex while you are both swimming in the lake –fyi- it doesn’t work!” There’s a story behind that line!

See the survey results or click here: canadianliving.com/sexsurvey


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