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Summer is the Time for Lovin’

July 28, 2014


Summertime is here and wow! –  is it hot in Vancouver, BC!

Here at Imago Vancouver, Maureen and I have decided to keep the heat up by launching a summer long series of articles and  links with interesting tips and information on  Sex and Intimacy.

Let’s face it –  most of us want to have a more passionate and connected intimate life with our partner. It is, quite frankly, often one of the most challenging and tender areas in our relationships for myriad reasons.

We hope to unpack these dynamics and help our readers understand some of the challenges facing  most couples, whether straight or gay.  Sex in the long term is just hard (no pun intended). It requires us to stay connected to our partners in a way that makes us face our vulnerability and fear head on at a time when many of us are in the power struggle stage of our relationship. It calls us to continue to keep passion and mystery alive even when that type of curiosity seems like a distant memory. These are real challenges for most  long- term couples;  yet most of us yearn for a good  and HOT sex life with our partners.

Dare y’a! We figure that summertime lovin’ is the time to get this party started so we invite you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn how to get the sex you want!

Hoping your summer will get hotter!

Yours very truly,

Tamara and Maureen