Components of Mature sexual happiness: The “Nine C’s”


A note from Tamara and Maureen: These tips are from Sylvia Rosenfeld, an Imago therapist and sexuality educator, living in New York City. 

  1. Contentment:  Knowing your partner and being satisfied with who they are.  Acceptance of “what is” and dealing with it. Satisfied with what they have.
  2. Caring:  Being able to be empathic with each other; Respectful. Showing gratitude and generosity to the other.
  3. Closeness/Comfort/Connection:  Having attunement to the other, being able to align yourself with the other. Showing and demonstrating this with communication both verbally and non-verbally.
  4. Creating Sexual Opportunity: Having the desire to desire. Setting up times for sex, just like the dates that were made at the beginning of your relationship. Having those times set to look forward to.
  5. Communication: Being able to communicate feelings and thoughts. Crossing the bridge back and forth between each other’s worlds.
  6. Comic Relief: Keeping a sense of humour and fun with your sexual selves.
  7. Creativity and Variety:  As we age we might have to experiment—there are not as many hormones as in the “romantic stage”—more stimulation might be needed. As we age the quality of the sexual act can broaden.
  8. Commitment:  Making a commitment to each other and to the relationship, and to the sexual part of the relationship.
  9. Care of Health and Fitness:  Taking care and respecting our body.


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Getting the sexual life you want!
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This workshop is open to all couples who have completed the Getting the Love you Want workshop.

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This workshop will explore some of the common obstacles to a rich and satisfying sexual life. We will also provide you with a series of dialogues, designed to help you and your partner develop a more intimate relationship.

Note: in this workshop your privacy is paramount – no demonstrations!


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