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Our next blog post in our series which focuses on Intentional Living is about the power of positive intention. What is positive intention? To me, it is about consciously thinking about my LIFE before it just happens. This is novel for me because I tend to be one of those people who go with the flow of life and deal with whatever happens later! This is not such a good thing to do all the time because it causes me to react instead of be proactive! Living in the moment is important in some ways but can get me into trouble if I am not able to deal with the reality of the moment and lots of times I don’t deal with it well!

So what do I mean when I say I want to live more intentionally? For me it’s starts with asking practical questions to myself that I can answer. Here are things I have been asking…

  • How do I want my partner to experience me today (e.g. as loving and open or crabby and irritable)?
  • Am I being bossy and need to be right about something that is actually not all that important?
  • Am I defending myself and do I really need to?
  • What questions do you have of yourself (feel free to use or adapt mine ) to live a more intentional relationship life?
  • How can we all set our day with an intention to live from our high place as opposed to however we feel in any given moment.
  • How can we control our reactions and influence our presence in our partner’s world?

These are important considerations if we want to have a good relationship day!

How many of us actually positively visualize (that’s key) these things? To positively visualize is to actually close your eyes and see in your mind and think in your brain how you want to be in your relationship and life BEFORE you react.

I have been working on this the past few weeks since I attended an inspiring workshop led by Dr Adam McLeod (a.k.a Dreamhealer) the world renowned healer. He taught us about the power within ourselves to create our own experiences based on our positive intention. Since then, I have been visualizing and meditating about many things including how I want to be in my relationship and I must say the results are phenomenal. I have noticed I am less anxious, more positive, happier and more patient. Before I go to sleep each night, I think about how I want to be the next day, I do this, very specifically. This mindful practice has led me to respond in much better ways to my partner and even feel more grateful for things I usually take for granted. Mostly I feel calmer (that’s a good thing!) and more AWAKE! I also look forward to the time before I fall asleep where I focus on positive intention and then relax my body and fall asleep. I am experiencing more control in my life, instead of living in the moment I am starting to feel like I am creating the moment. Very cool!

I recently read, From Your True Home by the Vietnamese Buddhist Master Thich Nhat Hanh. Here is a nice excerpt from that is fitting for positive intention – “#230-For the Person You Love”

Have you offered your presence to the person you love? Are you so busy that you cannot be there for that person? If you are a father, mother, partner, generate your own presence, because that is the most precious gift you can offer.

Dare ya – For the next two weeks, before you go to sleep, visualize your perfect relationship day, only focusing on how YOU want to be. Notice what happens and let us know!

Intentionally yours,

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