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Why a workshop?

October 10, 2015


I ran into someone the other day at the grocery store who attended a Getting the Love You Want Workshop with her partner a few years ago. She stopped me in the produce section and asked if I remembered her. I told her she seemed familiar but that I was sorry I could not place her. She reminded me that they had attended our workshop and she wanted to thank me for saving her marriage. I was quite uncomfortable because I know I did not save her marriage. Not even close. Still, she seemed intent on thanking me. 

What I realized as I said good bye was that it was our workshop that had saved her marriage.  

She said that coming to the workshop was a last ditch effort for them. She also shared with me that her husband had no interest in attending before they came and she had said that if he didn’t attend she would leave him. After many years of unhappiness and poor patterns of communication, she was “done”.

This is a very common experience for many couples and too many wait until it is almost too late to attend.  It puzzles me. Why would people wait until it is almost too late to learn relationship tools that could  make their lives together more meaningful? Don’t people want to be happy? Why do people avoid attending, thinking that a couples workshop is not for them?

I believe the one word answer to this is FEAR. People are afraid because they may think it will make things worse or that they will have to air their dirty laundry in a group situation. Both of these fears are completely UNTRUE but it makes sense people might think them.

One thing that the woman told me at the grocery store was that her husband said he wished he hadn’t been so stubborn and would have attended the workshop earlier as  it was one of the most positive things he’s ever done. That’s a big confession from someone who almost lost his marriage!

This was such a revelation to me. I don’t really know what happens to people after they complete the workshop if they don’t keep in touch. So hearing from this woman put into perspective how powerfully positive it can be.

If you or someone you know wants to positively transform their relationship tell them to come to a Getting the Love You Want workshop. Sometimes we don’t know how something can change our lives until we do it.

Our next one is October 23-25 2015. 

Dare ya- Get yourself and your partner to a workshop!

In support,


Maureen here – writing from the annual Imago conference in Florida – recently more research was published that demonstrates Imago works. In this particular study there were changes in the couples’ brain (how cool is that!) after the workshop and these changes remained constant if the couple continued to dialogue, either at home or with the support of a therapist, or if they attended follow-up seminars that keep the Imago journey alive.